Pollen, dust and particle sensitivity negatively effect over 20 million Americans and over 40% of children suffer sensitivities. This number is growing.

A new study shows that nettle extract (Urtica dioica) reduces allergic and other inflammatory responses in vitro (in laboratory testing).

Introducing New Chapter's Histamine Take Care, a Revolutionary Approach.

Histamine Take Care represents the most researched approach yet presented on sensitivities. Histamine Take Care utilizes a unique supercritical herbal extraction to offer a broad spectrum Stinging Nettle approach with 500 identified active compounds including 10 novel compounds never before identified or studied.*

Nettle (Urtica dioica) has been used to promote upper respiratory health for thousands of years dating back to ancient Greece. New Chapter is proud to offer this revered botanical in Histamine Take Care - an herbal therapeutic that helps to balance natural histamine levels and maintain open nasal passages.

New Chapter believes in the infinite wisdom of Nature and that the whole herb and its family of chemistries, and not just a small fraction of its chemical components, deliver Nature's true wisdom. This belief in the whole herb represents the foundation of our formulation philosophy for all herbal therapeutics.

While many conventional extracts of Nettle are available, they don't consistently provide the broad spectrum of herbal chemistries and key bioactives available in Histamine Take Care. This breakthrough formula combines Nature's full herbal intelligence with a unique and patent pending DARTvision process that guarantees dose assured potency in every capsule.

Enriched Histamine Take Care bio-actives are proven to block histamine release from mast cells by deactivating H1 receptors. Novel Nettle chemistries exclusive to New Chapter's Histamine Take Care prevent formation of COX2 (associated with inflammation). Stops inflammatory PGD2 production through D2 synthase inhibition. Blocks mast cell degranulation through tryptase deactivation.