Dr. Maki's Dietary Supplement Advice - Focus on Micellized Vitamin ATM

Dr. Robert Maki practices Naturopathic Medicine in Henderson, Nevada. He periodically writes for American Biologics.

Micellized Vitamin ATM is a potent, highly absorbable formula of Vitamin A. The micellization process utilizes patented, break-through technology with the goal of improving the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins to mimic water soluble absorption. This break-through technology not only enhances absorption, but also increases bioavailability as it divides a fat soluble compound like vitamin A into micro-fine spheres referred to as 'micelles'. This also improves the solubility across cell membranes. Studies have shown that young children and older adults have a decreased ability to absorb vitamin A from their diet. This micellized form as found in Micellized Vitamin ATM can enhance absorption by 400% and can therefore ensure that nutrition requirements are being met.

We all know that vitamins and minerals are important for our health, but none of them are as important as vitamin A. Unlike drugs, which have few specific actions, vitamin A nutritionally regulates and supports a wide range of essential functions within the body. This includes vision, immune function and healthy cell development.

As people get older, vision begins to decline, which is not due to the aging process alone, but can be attributed to a lack of vitamin A in the diet. In fact, in developing countries, vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness. Severe vitamin A deficiency in the US may be rare, but mild deficiency certainly is not uncommon. An early indication of vitamin A deficiency may be poor night vision, also referred to as 'night blindness.' People with poor night vision, typically will not drive an automobile at night because of their inability to see clearly. Supplementing with a highly absorbable form of vitamin A can be an easy and effective way to meet the body's nutritional need for vision health.

Besides supporting vision, vitamin A is also vital for optimal immune function. Not only during the cold and flu season but also seasonal allergies sufferers complain of itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose. Desperate to find relief many people will turn to allergy medications to ease their symptoms. Vitamin A plays a key role in nutritionally supporting immune function along mucous membranes, especially in the respiratory and digestive tract. Research suggests that this important nutrient can support mucosal cells, which form a protective barrier against harmful invaders and allergens from the environment. Daily consumption of vitamin A can be a great way to give the body an extra level of protection.

In addition to supporting vision and mucous membranes, vitamin A also plays a key role in healthy cell development, which is referred to as cell differentiation. In fact, many of the beneficial effects of vitamin A are related to its role in cellular differentiation, which is a process that allows specialized cells to carry out highly specific physiologic roles in the body. When cells do not properly develop, they become susceptible to many altering, even pre-cancerous changes and could potentially grow into a tumor. Therefore, nutritionally maintaining vitamin A intake is important for cell health, and supplementing with a micellized, highly absorbable form of vitamin A may be an excellent way to ensure absorption of this important nutrient. However, even though vitamin A is necessary for normal fetal development and good health, consumption of excess vitamin A especially during pregnancy can cause problems which is why it is recommended to discuss supplementation with your doctor.