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GERD Guard 60 vcaps - New!

Item #: CS2400


A natural alternative to antacids, this stomach tonic and digestive aid helps ease heartburn and reflux symptoms. It cools inflamed stomach
lining, tones and shrinks swollen membranes, soothes and strengthens stomach and esophagus walls. GERD Guard™ is especially helpful after
heavy meals, and for an overeaters weight control program. It even offers balancing activity for leaky gut syndrome.

Do you need Crystal Star GERD Guard™?
GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) is caused by the leaking of stomach acid back into the esophagus and the throat. GERD causes
uncomfortable heartburn that is almost constant. It’s common in our Western civilization where overeating and obesity are the norm. GERD
can also occur in severe cases of osteoporosis, when the rib cage and upper body collapse to the point where normal food transit is impeded.

Who are GERD Guard™ For?

  • people who experience heartburn pain after overindulgence in fatty or spicy meals
  • people with bone loss with impeded food assimilation
  • people who are looking for a natural alternative to antacids
  • people with symptoms of stomach imbalance: difficulty swallowing, burning and reflux in the throat, and great nervous anxiety

How can GERD Guard™ Enhance the Results of Your Health Program?
Stomach tonics like meadowsweet, gentian and goldenseal in the formula help relieve acid indigestion and reflux symptoms.
Mucilagenous herbs in the formula like marshmallow and slippery elm soothe stomach lining irritation and benefit leaky gut syndrome.
Enzyme-promoters in the blend like betaine HCL, protease and ginger support proper functioning of the stomach and improve digestion of proteins.

as an herbal bitter*
to alkalize and sooth*
to sooth stomach*
for digestions support*


Take 2 caps twice daily before breakfast and lunch for 1 month as a tonic and cleansing aid. Then, 1 cap daily as needed for maintenance.

Supplement Facts

Meadowsweet Herb; Marshmallow Rt.; Goldenseal Rt.; Angelica Rt.; Gentian Rt.; Cardamom Pd.; Dandelion Rt.; Licorice Rt.; Betaine HCL; Slippery Elm Bark; Prickly Ash Bark; Ginger Rt.; Protease.

Other ingredients:
vegetable-source maltodextrin and magnesium stearate, vegetarian capsule (vegetable cellulose and water).

GERD Guard 60 vcaps - New!

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